Sustainability aims to meet present needs without jeopardising the capacity of future generations to be self-sufficient.

ESF Flanders wishes to adopt the principles of corporate responsibility.

Cooperative spirit

This value regards the respect that colleagues have for each other. Each colleague’s capacities will be respected.
Cooperative spirit implies that you help and support your colleagues whenever needed. You are able to assess what colleagues need to carry out their tasks accurately, for instance by passing on information  spontaneously. Cooperative spirit also implies that needs and interests are taken into account. In doing so, you contribute to the creation of a positive work atmosphere.

Customer-friendly attitude

ESF Flanders staff members have an open and benevolent attitude, both towards clients and towards stakeholders.

Customers get easy access and can communicate with us in an easy accessible way. All people concerned feel treated in an objective way, they feel respected and appreciated.
This relationship is based on respect and appreciation for everyone. Appointments are strictly fulfilled and promises kept. Everyone’s interests are taken into account. All of these aspects result in the creation of a relationship of trust.

Openness to change

There is a permanent search for improvements in operation procedures and new trends are closely monitored and analysed. New and innovative ideas are always welcome. The knowledge and skills that have been developed, are automatically shared among stakeholders.